Компания АТВАлексарт - Крупнейший производитель светодиодных экранов, дисплеев, табло, панно. Полноцветные светодиодные экраны. Видеоэкраны.
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ATV-Alexart-electronic displays, screens, boards, panels.

Our company conducts its history since the last century, since 1989, when several young, vigorous engineers of one of the enterprises of a military-industrial complex have created a firm by producing of a domestic household computer of own development on the basis of processor Z80.Since then the basic direction of firm have been the development and the organization of manufacture of own designs, which have contained and are containing now a lot of interesting and non- standard technical decisions. During this time the activity of our firm has captured wide range of applications of own developments: from the industrial automation (controllers of kilns) up to the outdoors advertising (illuminated signboards, controllers of management of various light radiators).

In 1995 we developed and made one of the first in Russia a three-colored led panel for stadium Shchelkovo, the Moscow area. Since that moment the light outdoor advertising has become the basic form of our activity. We use the led - an advanced type of radiator -as a light carrier and so we have created the whole scale of illuminated signboards and animation panels with a plenty of various light effects.

In 1998, having a good engineering experience, we have started the development and manufacturing of the first domestic electronic fullcolored videoscreen of the big format. As a radiator an automobile incandescent lamp was used. Further the industrial complex on manufacturing the big digital videoscreens of external use was developed. Our first screens have appeared in Moscow and in Riga.

In 1999 our engineers created the system, which permits to modernize existing import 16-colors
systems in 16-million fullcolored systems. The same year we have made the completion of such system in Riga and in 2001-in Naberezhnye Chelny.

In 2000-2001 we have created essentially new control system, which has considerably improved the quality of “picture” and has given “the second breath” to lamp screens and today this system allows making “upgrade” of already created screens.

In 2001 the industrial base on manufacturing clusters for ledscreens with big pixel step (40 and 50 mm) was created. The next year manufacturing of led matrixes was mastered. These led matrixes have allowed including screens with the pixel step 15, 20 and 25 mm in the industrial nomenclature. A manufacture of one more model of cluster for inexpensive three-colored and monochrome systems was mastered.

Our software created on the basis of long-term experience of manufacturing and operation of the big electronic screens is the pride of our company. Its feature is the absolute stability and convenience of using with reference to commercial operation of screens.

We also conduct the works on creation of uniform control center by a network of external videoscreens, which will capture not only one local city, but also the regions.div>
The electronic fullcolored screens created by collective of our firm, decorate streets and areas of such cities as Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Norilsk, Kirov, Tyumen, Samara, Tver, Kazan and, certainly, Moscow.

The pledge of success of our company is the harmonious team of professionals, graduates of the Moscow aviation institute and of some other HIGH SCHOOLS, who aspire to return to a rank of “engineer” the former pride and honour serves.

наружные светодиодные экраны наружные ламповые экраны светодиодные вывески и указатели рекламно-информационные экраны бегущие строки
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АТВАлексарт. Производитель светодиодных экранов
светодиодные табло, светодиодные экраны, плазменные экраны, видеоэкраны

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